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Meet our Talan's : Fouzia MOUSSAOUI & Emmanuel JACKSON

Fouzia Moussaoui and Emmanuel Jackson are RPA consultant and developer at Talan. Watch their testimony on video.

Meet with one of our consultants at Talan Canada, Freddy KHALIL

In this interview, Freddy Khalil tells us his experience as a consultant at Talan.

Meeting with Khouloud Neili, consultant at Talan Luxembourg

In this interview, Khouloud Neili tells us about her experience as a developer at Talan.

Meet Fatima Ezzahra Founoune, consultant at Talan Luxembourg

In this interview, Fatima Ezzahra Founoune tells us about her experience as a Java consultant at Talan.

Meet with one of our consultants: Jagjit SAGGU

In this testimony, Jagit Saggu tells us about his experience as a consultant at Talan in Canada!

CSR: what are the conditions for the CFO to remain the control tower in the company?

Analysis, management, decision support: the CFO has always been the main contact for the general management to guide the company's strategy. Will it be able to maintain this role in the era of societal and environmental issues? Yes, under certain conditions.

DeFi: a business revolution on the way?

DeFi, or decentralised finance, is a revolution whose edges are hard to define. It heralds new relationships with finance, but not only that.

CSRD: in companies, cooperation between business lines, CSR actors and financial management will be essential

The CSRD directive will oblige 50,000 European companies to adopt a CSR strategy. To achieve this, they will have to rely on the expertise of their Finance Department and their business lines.

Marjorie Philippon, Head of S/4 Logistics and Conversion at Createch

With 15 years of experience in SAP consulting, Marjorie Philippon has taken over the management of the SAP logistics business line in Createch. This Franco-Canadian, who initially went on an International Internship in Montreal for one year, took inspiration from the women...

Smart building and data to meet climate challenges

At a time of heatwaves and increased volatility of climate events, in a context where energy costs are soaring, making buildings intelligent and capitalising on their data is becoming imperative. First, it is a way of making them more sober. But it is also an elegant way to...